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The story behind the book

“There is a wildness that exists within and around us.”

The writing of Awaken the Wildness Within occurred over a 3-year period when, after experiencing grief and depression, I went within. I immersed myself in nature, practicing an ancient form of Buddhist meditation, or what the Japanese call Shinrin-yo ku (opening your senses to your surroundings), or what in yoga is called Swadhaya (the sacred study of the Divine through nature and introspection).

In fact, I did not realize at the time that I was engaging in rooted spiritual practices and established traditions. Nor did I know I was planting the seeds for my first book. I simply listened to the whisperings of my heart and let it guide me. I did what I loved. I ran in the forest, I meditated by the creek, and I opened myself up to beauty and inspiration. Ultimately, I awakened a part of myself, words flowed, and a profound healing occurred. Awaken the Wildness Within is the tangible gift created from the transformation I underwent.

wildness (n): occurring, growing, or living in a natural state; not domesticated, cultivated, or tamed

“When awakened we radiate energy and fully engage in life.”

Writing Awaken the Wildness Within has been a personal journey. The inspiration flowed from the deepest parts of myself and my connection to nature. Healing words and images poured forth from my heart and onto the pages of this book. It is now time to share my inspiration