f A Q

1.     Why pre-order the book?

I have chosen a traditional form of printing called offset that offers the highest quality of printing available. Due to the elaborate set up process, the cost for the initial print run is high. By pre-ordering the book you directly support the author with the printing of the first 1000 copies.

 2.     What is offset printing?

Offset printing is a form of traditional printing that is considered the gold standard for quality. This style of printing will highlight the beauty of the words and raw photography in the book.

3.     When will I get a copy of the book?

The book will be available after November 24. You are welcome to come to the launch party to pick up your book. Books purchased with the mail option will be mailed the last week of November.

4.     Why did you self-publish?

When I knew I would be publishing a book last year, I explored the 3 options of publishing: traditional, hybrid, and self-publishing. After much time spent researching, it was clear the best route for publishing Awaken the Wildness Within was self-publication. The biggest reason was to allow 100% of the creative process to be owned by me as the author and the book itself.