Graceful Defiance

in divergent discourse with gravity

she curls like an umbilical cord

one end rooted in the earth, the other to an unknown source

furled branches, in fetal position       turn

to face the sky



yet seemingly indestructible…

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Janelle Schmidt

Autumn swirls in the air

clove and cardamom caress the skin

enveloped in an aromatic aura

I fold into sensuality

curl like a ruby rosehip

ripe with fruition…

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Janelle Schmidt
Writing is in My Bones

Writing provides a doorway into the unknown. As words land on the page, I feel a release, a lightness, and a new insight dawns. Always, I learn something when I pour my heart onto blank white pages. Whenever I move through life transitions or challenging moments, I turn to writing for solace and understanding.

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Janelle Schmidt
Dreaming a New Chapter

Life unfolds in the most mysterious ways sometimes. At least, that is the case for me.  One moment, I think I have it pretty much figured out – I think I know the direction I’m headed. The next, I am uncertain. But like a planet blazing in space, my trajectory is not off course, rather it is unique and unequivocal. The curvature of my path, purposeful and beautiful.

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Janelle Schmidt